More game > less hassle

Turn your ticketing tasks into a well-organised process.
Eliminate ticketing issues.
Make fans happy. Boost loyalty and attendance.

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Change the way how you do your ticketing job.
Switch to the most versatile ticketing system for sport industry.

If you are thinking about improving your daily ticketing operations roboticket is a perfect choice.
We provides a complete ticketing service for the sports industry especially focusing on sports clubs and their varied ticketing requirements. It is not about to sell ticket but it all about makes it smooth and effortless.

roboticket is all-in-one advanced ticketing system represents an innovating idea of combining complete ticketing software with useful features characteristic for loyalties and CRM systems.
Altogether it is one of the most versatile ticketing systems for the sports industry.

Get to know why roboticket may become your favor ticketing system
Designed to handle the most complex ticketing tasks, the system perfectly fits every spectator sport which regularly hosts thousands of fans and operates at every type of high capacity venue such as a stadium or multi-purpose arena.

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We are constantly working on enhancements to simplify and automatise the ticketing operations to make the job easier and more generative. The integral part of our mission is to resolve common technical challenges found across the sports market in regards to upcoming new technologies. We save ticketing managers a huge amount of time to let them focus on their proper job, namely creating a ticketing strategy, building a relationship with fans and initiatives to boost attendance.

Keep entire tickets distribution under control

Offering instant access to its cloud-based software, roboticket enables the arranging and carrying out of effective tickets distribution leveraging all sales channels, both standard ticket office box and wide e-commerce including a online store and mobile application.

roboticket gives unprecedented control over every single ticket booking regardless it is single tickets, season tickets, sponsors reservation or hospitality packages. All they coming through central booking engine guaranteeing perfect consistency.

The system reflects the vast majority of requirement of sports clubs in terms of ticketing management.

Few reasons why you should choose roboticket advanced ticketing system over multi-event generic ticketing portal selling just a single tickets.

Exclusive fans database guaranteeing that fans personal information and sale history will stay save and available for the club only. Over the years collected information stands for a big value in terms of improving customer care and planning ticketing strategy.

Advanced mechanisms for season tickets and subscriptions management automating process of booking seats across the all season eliminating manual job and possible mistakes.

E-tickets online store easily customized according to club identity to build a better experience for fans. It allows selling all products including season tickets, membership, and single tickets of course.

The individual mobile application allows buying a ticket in the same way as the internet store and allows to get into the venue using barcode or contactless NFC. It is true mobile ticketing since day one of roboticket implementation.

Integration with access control systems is extremely important to perform proper crowd management and reduce problems with the entrance to the venue. roboticket offers live tickets synchronization allows carrying out sale until the kick-off.
Strong support for all box office operations allows managing all POSs and integrates box office hardware such as plastic card, thermal printers or RFID encoders.
Loyalties management functions which in conjunction with collected data roboticket letting run loyalties programs to boosting a sale.
7/7 technical support, included all the match days. This guaranteed that you will never stay alone in any case. The system is actively monitored again any types of anomalies to preventing any problems.